The Visualization for the INK paintings

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Kalinauskas’ vivid expressive creative works give completeness and individuality to the interior and simultaneously emphasize its owner’s delicate and non-standard taste. Due to the vivid saturated coloring and the complex multilayer facture, they themselves as if radiate the light. Thus, even his wide-format canvases do not clutter the interior up, but fill it with light, air and, the most important thing, with alive positive energy.
The multimedia project, issued by the designer Darius Kalinauskas, i.e. “The Visualization for the INK paintings”, clearly manifests all this. Three series of Igor Kalinauskas’ paintings, i.e. The Last Supper, Mystery of Time and Wandering Stars, are presented in the project. These vivid abstract compositions, containing mysterious signs and symbols, are as if the reflections of the cosmic system of the universe, which found its unusual implementation in the artist’s creativity.